Aratek is a global biometrics solution provider

Over 12 years of Research and Development in biometrics products, service and solutions

With millions of customer installations worldwide, Aratek's products are used for governments, law enforcement agencies, banks, retailers and other enterprises to mitigate risk, drive productivity and improve service levels. Our solutions are based on consultative expertise, refined practices and the application of advanced biometrics technologies.

We focus on core technology and products in biometrics

that anticipate customer requirements with highest quality

Fingerprint Smart Terminal

Handheld 5'' and 7'' fingerprint mobile device, suitable for election, banks, law enforcement, education, etc.

Embedded Fingerprint Module

Compact and easy to integrate into various devices, suitable for e-commerce, information security, access control, time attendance, etc.

Fingerprint Scanner

FBI-certified single, dual, 10-print finger (4+4+2) fingerprint scanners for immigration control, criminal and civil ID systems, etc.

Biometric Software Products

Comprehensive portfolio of software products for large-scale fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, and vein recognition systems.



Aratek TrustAFIS for electronic ID (eID) systems ensures quick and accurate results with proactive and timely service.



Aratek assists the financial service providers in building a trusted system for retail banking, mobile payment, microfinance.



Through fingerprint registration to verify the identity of any SIM card buyers to prevent terrosism and other security risks

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