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Fingerprint | Biometrics | Mobile | Terminal | Mobile ID | Fingerprint STQC | Fingerprint FBI | Identification | SIM Activation

Identity registration | Identity management | Micro finance | Financial inclusion | Voter verification | Access Control

Noticias y eventos

Noticias y eventos


Aratek adds more security and integration features to A600 fingerprint scanner and A600-M module

Aratek recently announced major upgrades to two of its best-selling fingerprint biometric products, the A600 fingerprint scanner and its core component, the A600-M fingerprint module. The A600 scanner now comes equipped with an advanced Match-On-Device (MOD) mode that heightens security by performing the entire fingerprint recognition process including image capture, extraction of minutiae and matching with stored fingerprint — all within the scanner itself. The new MOD feature, an addition to the existing match-on-host mode, eliminates the need to transfer data to a host device. With the data never leaving the sensor, a much more secure authentication is assured. Used […]

Aratek launches FBI PIV/FAP30 optical fingerprint module with Live Finger Detection

Aratek recently introduced A700-M, the FBI PIV and Mobile ID FAP30 certified optical fingerprint module with larger sensing area and Live Finger Detection (LFD) technology. Designed for applications that require an even higher standard of security and accuracy, the A700-M is equipped with a larger sensor that enables the module to cover a much bigger surface area and capture more biometric data from fingerprints. “Capturing more biometric data results in a vastly more accurate and secure authentication,” noted Samuel Wu, Aratek’s VP for International Business Department. The A700-M carries the FBI PIV Mobile ID FAP30 certification, widely acknowledged in the […]

Aratek launches fever-detecting facial recognition terminal

In response to global initiatives seeking to prevent future disease outbreaks, Aratek recently launched the BA8200-T fever detection & facial recognition terminal, which is capable of alerting authorities to the presence of individuals running a fever. “The BA8200-T is delivering a safer and more hygienic mode of authentication and identification while helping detect possible infection cases,” noted Samuel Wu, Aratek’s VP for International Business Development.  The non-contact ability to detect elevated body temperature will prove crucial in the efforts to prevent another uncontrolled spread of communicable diseases,” he added. The BA8200-T is equipped with a proprietary infrared thermometer and compensation […]
Aratek multi-factor biometric tablet terminal banner

Aratek introduces powerful multi-factor biometric tablet

Aratek has formally launched the BM7550 terminal, a portable, powerful multi-factor biometric tablet which integrates facial recognition, fingerprint sensing and contactless NFC card reader in one complete package.  “The BM7550 squarely addresses the demands for increasingly sophisticated identification and authentication solutions with its industry-leading multi-biometric and multi-factor authentication features,” said Samuel Wu, Aratek’s vice president for International Business Division.“By integrating facial recognition, fingerprint sensor and contactless NFC in a single solution, the BM7550 terminal gives unparalleled security, accuracy and reliability,” Wu added. The BM7550 is powered by Aratek’s patented face recognition algorithm which boasts of a recognition rate of 99.72% in […]
Aratek TruFace

Aratek officially launches TruFace facial recognition series

Taipei, Mar. 4, 2020 – Following the successful soft launch of TruFace in the middle of 2019, the hit new facial recognition line from Aratek recently received a full official launch. “Response for TruFace has been overwhelming despite the limited publicity,” said Samuel Wu, VP for International Business Division, who added that customers have since found wide applications for the devices in law enforcement, hospitality, border security, access control and time & attendance, etc.» TruFace is Aratek’s debut into the facial recognition segment and is touted to take security and authentication to a whole new level. It delivers face-enforced identification […]
Aratek 2020 Events Map

Aratek 2020 Events Map and Calendar: Come and Meet Us!

Aratek is going to a lot of places this year. Check out our Aratek 2020 events map and calendar ( and see if we’ll be anywhere you. See you soon!     About Aratek   Aratek is a global leader in the biometrics and securities industry. It empowers governments, law enforcement agencies, banks, retailers and other enterprises to solve their identity management challenges through biometrics.  Aratek provides software and hardware products for biometric fingerprint and face recognition. Aratek’s products are used for both civil and forensic applications, including border crossings, criminal investigations, national ID programs, voter registration, verification and duplication […]

The Trumputin Time Magazine Cover: Trump or Putin Lookalike ?

Time Magazine released a Trump-Putin face mashup cover, which has prompted a heated discussion. As a biometric technology provider, we are more likely to explore the facial attributes in this image. Trump or Putin, who does this magazine cover look more alike? Our face recognition algorithm – Aratek TrustFACE, which has accomplished a near-perfect accuracy of 99.72% on well-respected LFW (Labeled Faces in the Wild) database, was used to analyze the facial attributes between Trumputin cover and its two original owners. After faces comparison, Aratek AI Laboratory found there’s 84.45% similarity between the magazine cover and Putin, Trump only got […]

Biometrics Bridge Banking Gap

It’s difficult to imagine human civilization advancing as it did without the institution of banking. The convenience, security, and cheap access to credit that banks offer have powered the world’s economic engine and oiled the march of society into modernity. Yet what’s even more difficult to imagine is that some 3.5 billion people across the world are still shut out of the benefits of banking. Most of such individuals belong to low-income brackets in developing markets, although some developed countries also grapple with the problem of a large number of their citizens unable to access financial services of banks. Not […]

Authorities and Telcos Turn to Biometrics to Beef Up National Security

The advent of mobile telephony has ushered in an era of unprecedented social and economic growth across the globe. Game-changers such as online banking, eCommerce, and social media owe their very existence to mobile telephony. Yet for all the innumerable benefits of telecommunications, one facet of it continues to plague authorities around the world – mobile phones remain to be the easiest and deadliest way for terrorists to detonate explosives remotely. In a bid to curb this malicious use of telecommunications, a number of countries in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia have started requiring their citizens to register […]

How Aratek is Helping to Make the World A Little Safer

How Aratek is helping to make the world a little safer Terrorism has become the scourge of the 21st century, striking fear in many parts of the world. While some countries are at higher risks of terror attacks, not one can claim to be entirely safe from this threat. As a result, a great multitude have been forced to lead their lives under constant threat, not knowing when and where the next Big One would strike. Fortunately, governments have begun to fight back. Recognizing that porous borders allow terrorists to slip in and out of countries undetected, authorities have tapped […]
Aratek biometric

Aratek Year in Review 2019

What was your company’s biggest accomplishment in 2019? Aratek’s intensified focus on product development has yielded a number of breakthroughs in 2019, chief of which is the TruFace facial matching series. The market has responded very favorably towards the TruFace line, which is positioned to fill the growing demand for facial recognition terminals that are reliable and cost-effective. Our R&D listened closely to what the customers really need, allowing us to come up with a winning feature set for TruFace: (1) Built-in HDR dual-camera system that detects ambient lighting levels and then controls the near-infrared LED accordingly. It allows high […]

Aratek fingerprint and facial recognition tech take the stage in Intersec Dubai 2020

Taipei, JAN. 6, 2020 – Aratek kicks off the new year with a roadshow at the Intersec 2020 in Dubai, the biggest and longest-running event for Security, Safety & Fire Protection in the Middle East. Samuel Wu, Aratek’s VP for Sales – International Business Department, noted that the Middle East is an increasingly important market for Aratek, where the company is “uniquely positioned to fill the region’s requirements for better border security, access control, financial systems, and many other applications.” “We are excited to show the Arab market how Aratek’s multi-biometrics technology and multi-factor authentication can help solve its real-world […]
New facial matching TruFace series headlines Aratek in TRUSTECH

New facial matching TruFace series headlines Aratek in TRUSTECH Cannes 2019

Taipei, Nov. 12, 2019 – Aratek is gearing up to show its latest innovations in TRUSTECH Cannes 2019, the top international trade fair on payments, identification and security. The event will mark the European debut of the new facial matching TruFace line, Aratek’s breakthrough into the facial recognition technology market. “We are excited to introduce TruFace to the European market and demonstrate how it delivers face-enforced identification and authentication. It’s fast, accurate, and convenient,” said Samuel Wu, Aratek’s VP for Sales, International Business Department. Wu noted that facial recognition is growing rapidly beyond smartphones and has become a viable option […]

Beefed-up Aratek lineup featured in China’s biggest security show

Taipei, Oct. 21, 2019 – Global-leading biometric technology company Aratek takes its reinforced suite of offerings to the CPSE 2019, China’s biggest security exposition. Leading the Aratek lineup is TruFace, the company’s new line of facial recognition terminals seen by industry observers to fortify its already dominant presence in the Chinese market. “China’s rapid and continuous growth drives innovation in all industries, most especially in security technology, and Aratek is right in the forefront of this,” notes Samuel Wu, Aratek’s VP for Sales, International Business Department. “The CPSE 2019 is the perfect platform for showing the Chinese market how the […]

Aratek to unwrap new facial recognition line in SDW Asia 2019

Taipei, Sep. 24, 2019 – Global-leading biometric technology company Aratek is set to introduce its new series of facial recognition terminals at the SDW Asia 2019 in Singapore. The new line will be called TruFace and marks Aratek’s entry into the emerging facial recognition segment of the biometric identification and authentication industry. “TruFace is the latest in a series of innovations to be hatched as Aratek ramps up its drive to become the go-to provider of superior biometric systems that actually solve customer’s needs,” said Samuel Wu, Aratek’s VP for Sales, International Business Department. He noted that the Aratek TruFace […]

Aratek launches Spanish website

Taipei, Sep. 4, 2019 – Leading biometric technology company Aratek announced the recent launch of its Spanish website, which is expected to expand its reach to millions of Spanish-speaking customers worldwide. According to Samuel Wu, Vice President for Sales – International Business Department, the Spanish website is a mirror of Aratek’s English version but with the dropdown-menus, product information and contact details in Spanish. The site may be accessed at (LINK) “We wanted to increase the usability of our website for millions of Spanish-speaking customers,” Wu said, adding that the move recognizes the importance of Hispanic market and would help Aratek […]

Aratek Fingerprint Scanners Now FBI and STQC Certified

Taipei, Aug. 1, 2019 – After capturing the FBI certification last year, biometric technology leader Aratek’s push into the Indian market recently got a major boost when it recently received the STQC certification for two of its fingerprint scanners. The Aratek A400 capacitive scanner and A600 optical scanner have successfully passed rigorous tests of the STQC, India’s quality assurance and conformity assessment body. “We are pleased that our top-of-the-line fingerprint scanners have met the strictest standards of the FBI and the Indian government as well,”  said Samuel Wu, Aratek’s VP for Sales, International Business Dept. “These certifications strongly position us to help […]

Aratek Marshall with ePassport-Reading Capability Allows for Tighter Border Control & Better Immigration Security

The Aratek Marshall, an all-in-one biometric handheld device that makes “identification-anywhere” a reality, is expected to help immigration authorities implement tighter border control measures with its MRZ reading capability for ePassports and other travel documents. Aratek’s flagship device features the Access-IS OCR310e miniature OCR reading engine which captures code lines from machine readable passports (MRP), visas (MRV), US and international resident permits as well as European and other national ID cards conforming to ICAO 9303 & ISO/IEC 7501-1 (2 and 3-line MRZ). “Security concerns have made border control a top priority for many countries. The Aratek Marshall comes with MRZ […]

Aratek BIONE Algorithm Aces NIST MINEX III Test

Taipei, June. 26, 2019 – The Aratek BIONE fingerprint algorithm recently achieved top scores in the MINEX (Minutiae Interoperability Exchange) III evaluations administered by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The test measures the accuracy and interoperability of proprietary minutiae templates along with their level of compliance with the U.S. Government’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) program by extracting and matching the proprietary minutiae templates against the ANSI/INCITS 378:2004 minutiae data format standard. “We are pleased that the BIONE algorithm passed the MINEX III Test with flying colors,” said Samuel Wu, Aratek’s VP for Sales, International Business Department. “We have […]

Aratek to Demo “Identify-Anywhere” and Other Biometric ID Solutions in ID4Africa 2019

Global biometric technology leader Aratek announced its participation in the upcoming meeting of ID4Africa in Johannesburg, South Africa where it will be presenting its full suite of biometric identity solutions. “Aratek is one with the ID4Africa movement in helping African nations create secure ID ecosystems based on digital identity,” noted Samuel Wu, Aratak’s Vice President for Sales – International Business Department. “It’s interesting how Aratek’s rallying cry of ‘Identifying the World. Easily. Securely” neatly dovetails into ID4Africa’s current theme of  “Identity Ecosystems for Service Delivery.” We are excited to show the African market how our technology will enable the inclusion of hundreds of […]

Identity registration | Identity management | Micro finance | Financial inclusion | Voter verification | Access Control

Fingerprint | Biometrics | Mobile | Terminal | Mobile ID | Fingerprint STQC | Fingerprint FBI | Identification | SIM Activation

Identity registration | Identity management | Micro finance | Financial inclusion | Voter verification | Access Control

Fingerprint | Biometrics | Mobile | Terminal | Mobile ID | Fingerprint STQC | Fingerprint FBI | Identification | SIM Activation