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Marshall 5

5" All-in-one Biometric Mobile Terminal

Biometric Terminal
Mobile ID Device
Marshall 5

National ID

Financial Services

Border Control

Voters Authentication

SIM Card Activation

Mobile Time & Attendance


Portable. Powerful. Versatile.

The Aratek Marshall 5 biometric mobile ID terminal is an all-in-one handheld device that is complete with a printer, NFC reader, smart card reader, barcode scanner, and the option for MRZ scanner functionality. It seamlessly integrates with various FBI-certified modules ranging from FAP 20, FAP 30, and FAP 45, giving users the flexibility to meet various authentication needs. The Marshall 5all-in-one terminal is revolutionizing the industry by enabling true identification and authentication anywhere.

Marshall 5
Marshall 5

What stands out?

Flexible Fingerprint Recognition Capability

The Marshall 5 biometric mobile ID terminal is designed to seamlessly integrate with various FBI-certified fingerprint modules ranging from FAP 20, FAP 30, and FAP 45, giving customers the utmost flexibility to perform fingerprint identification and authentication anywhere.

Advanced Facial Recognition Technology

The Marshall 5 terminal has a super-clear 13MP rear camera and patented facial recognition algorithm that supports fast and highly accurate facial recognition usage.

To Scan Various Identity Credentials

The Marshall 5 terminal supports NFC card reading, smart card reading (option) and barcode scanning (option).

High-speed Printer

With 2-inches thermal high-speed printer, the Marshall terminal can easily print sheets anywhere.

MRZ Scanner (Option)

The Marshall 5 terminal is equipped with an MRZ scanner that can easily read any Machine Readable Travel Documents, including passports, travel documents and visas.


How can it benefit to you?


Versatility in your hand


Strong mobility to deploy biometric identity anywhere


Multi-factor authentication for better security

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