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Marshall 8 Plus

8" Tenprint FAP 60 Biometric Enrolment Tablet

Biometric Terminal
Mobile ID Device
Marshall 8 Plus

National ID

Voter Registration

Social Welfare Distribution

Mobile Border Control

Law Enforcement

e-Passport & VISA

Finance & Banking


Your Essential Partner for Mobile ID Management.

Robust. Versatile. Feature-Rich. The Marshall 8 Plus biometric tablet marks a new era in mobile ID enrollment and authentication. Equipped with an FBI FAP 60-certified 4-4-2 fingerprint scanner (Aratek A910), advanced iris and facial recognition, as well as versatile reading capabilities for barcodes, contact/contactless cards, and MRZ-based ID documents, the Marshall 8 Plus tablet offers a full suite of features at your fingertips. Built for robustness, the IP65-rated tablet ensures superior performance, whether indoors or outdoors. Ideal for applications including National ID, voter registration, border control, law enforcement, finance & banking, and more, the Marshall 8 Plus is your essential partner for secure and efficient mobile ID management.

Marshall 8 Plus
Marshall 8 Plus

What stands out?

FBI FAP 60-Certified Fingerprint Scanner

Capture superior-quality 10 fingerprints with the Marshall 8 Plus. Equipped with a FBI Appendix F, Mobile ID FAP 60 certified 4-4-2 livescan fingerprint scanner (Aratek A910), this handheld tablet ensures utmost reliability in the fingerprint enrollment process.

Multi-Modal Biometric Registration & Authentication

With advanced fingerprint, facial and iris recognition technologies, the Marshall 8 Plus biometric handheld tablet offers multi-modal biometrics for citizen registration and authentication, ideal for various digital ID applications.

Versatile ID Document Reading & Verification

Experience smooth reading of diverse ID documents with Marshall 8 Plus biometric tablet. This sophisticated device is designed to scan contactless/contact cards, barcodes, and MRZ codes seamlessly in one go.

IP65 Rating

The Marshall 8 Plus is not just advanced; it's resilient. With a robust IP65 rating, it is designed to withstand the harshest conditions, guaranteeing unwavering performance regardless of the environment.

User-Friendly Design

With a focus on user experience, this tablet features a comfortable hand strap holder and ergonomic design for hassle-free operation in any environment. Its intuitive interface enables effortless identity enrollment and management on the fly.


How can it benefit to you?


Versatile Mobile ID Registration and Authentication


Robust and Built for the Field


Advanced Multi-modal Biometrics for Enhanced Security and Accuracy

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