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FBI FAP 60 Certified 4-4-2 Live-Scan Fingerprint Scanner (MOSIP-compliant)

Fingerprint Scanner
Aratek Ten-print FBI FAP 60 4-4-2 Live-scan Fingerprint Scanner

National ID

Law Enforcement

Voter Registration

e-Passport & VISA

Border Control

Finance & Banking


All You Need in Digital Identity Programs

The Aratek A900 is an FBI Appendix F FAP 60-certified & MOSIP-compliant 4-4-2 live-scan fingerprint scanner built for the toughest and most massive of jobs. The portable unit comes in an IP65-rated enclosure, rendering it impervious to dust and moisture and making the A900 the perfect fingerprint solution for all possible applications, even those in harsh environments. The comprehensive SDK is available for the A900 live scan equipment to support sequence checking, NFIQ fingerprint image quality checks, and slap fingerprint segmentation. The A900 is simply the go-to fingerprint device for National ID, Voter Registration, Finance & Banking, Census, Law Enforcement, e-Passport & VISA, among others.

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What stands out?

FBI Appendix F FAP 60 Certified & MOSIP-compliant

The A900 4-4-2 fingerprint scanner is a FBI Appendix F (Mobile ID FAP 60) certified & MOSIP-compliant fingerprint device, ensuring high image quality for the use of the Live-Scan System & Identification Flats.

Built-in LCD and Speaker for Instructions

The A900 4-4-2 fingerprint scanner features a built-in 2.8” LCD screen plus a speaker which combine to give users a step-by-step audio-visual walkthrough of the entire enrollment, verification & identification processes.

IP65-Rated Ingress Protection

The A900 comes with an IP65-rated enclosure to protect from dust and water. This makes A900 the ideal fingerprint device in all conditions, even in the harshest of environments.

Live Finger Detection (LFD)

The A900 4-4-2 ten-print fingerprint scanner uses Live Finger Detection (LFD) algorithm to detect fake fingers by screening the liveness of the finger being captured. 

AES-256 Encryption

The 256-bit AES encryption (AES-256) used by the A900 4-4-2 ten-print scanner ensures a high level of security for your fingerprint data while it is in transit.


How can it benefit to you?


The best solution for large-scale digital identity programs


Compact & reliable for heavy duty usage


Outstanding performance even with difficult fingerprints

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