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Self-Service Kiosk Machine

Best Solution for Biometric Border Control

Biometric Terminal
Self-Service Kiosk Machine

Airport Self Check-in

Border Control


Aratek Biometric Self-Service Kiosk Machine Makes Border Control Easier, Faster and More Secure.

Aratek Biometric Border Control Kiosk Machine is the best suited device for airport self check-in and immigration pre-screening. It can easily read multiple IDs and e-passports with its high-performance documents scanner, the integrated large smart touch screen also provides user-friendly registration experience. Furthermore, Aratek Biometric Border Control Kiosk Machine is equipped with an automatic height-adjusting camera system which captures ICAO-compliant face images, and it also comes with a FBI-certified fingerprint scanner which scans high quality fingerprint images. With Aratek's liveness detection technology, these advance features make this Border Control Kiosk the best solution for accurate and reliable multi-biometric identity checks at airports and border crossing points.

Self-Service Kiosk Machine
Self-Service Kiosk Machine

What stands out?

Industrial Anti-Vandal Big Touch Screen

The big touch screen enables an easy and efficient identity check process for passengers.

Multi-Biometric Technologies

Perform multi-biometric authentication and identification with biometric devices that include an FBI-certified fingerprint scanner and an advanced face camera. The motorized camera comes with automatic vertical adjustment, also the equipped LED light helps illuminate the person’s face making the facial recognition more accurate.

High-performance Document Reader

Support passport or citizen ID card reading.

Effective Power Backup and Video Call Support

Ensure smooth operations with superior support features.

More Advanced Features

Equipped with digital signature, 2D barcode reader A4 printer, surveillance camera, etc.


How can it benefit to you?


Greater Passenger Satisfaction


Flexible and Cost-effective


Streamline Border Crossings and Enhance Airport Security

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