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Aratek TruFace Manager

A full-featured biometric access control and attendance tracking software

Aratek TruFace Manager

Access Control

Time & Attendance


Ideal for Biometric Access Control and Attendance Management

Feature-packed. Flexible. Aratek TruFace Manager is an unparalleled biometric-based access control and time attendance management software that provides comprehensive features for enhancing your business security and productivity. The TruFace Manager software is designed for seamlessly and efficiently managing Aratek TruFace facial recognition terminals. Use it to easily onboard and configure all your Aratek TruFace devices, enroll face and fingerprint biometrics, set access control policies, track employee attendance, and even troubleshoot device issues.

Simple-to-use Web Platform and App for Access & Attendance

Aratek TruFace manager software provides a fully functional web platform, mobile app and device app that allow administrators and users to easily manage devices, perform access control and attendance tracking at any place, anytime. The TruFace manager consists of:

TruFace Manager Platform

TruFace App for Terminal

TruFace Manager App for Aratek Facial Recognition Terminal

TruFace Mobile App

Aratek TruFace Manager
Aratek TruFace Manager

What stands out?

Device Management

Aratek TruFace manager features complete functionalities for effectivity managing all TruFace facial recognition terminals in one single panel.

Enroll, Configure and Manage Users

Aratek TruFace manager allows you to quickly enroll, configure and manage users with their faces, fingerprints, and contactless smart card profiles.

Flexible Access Control Management

Aratek TruFace manager allows you to easily configure integrated physical access control systems - be it on a single facility or a multi-site system, providing you a flexible and scalable access control solution tailored to your specific needs and your budget.

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Effective Time & Attendance Tracking

Aratek TruFace manager gives you a comprehensive time & attendance solution without complication. It’s simple to use yet loaded with powerful features designed to meet diverse requirements.

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Easy installation and management


Manage all applications in one platform


Easy integration with any third-party system

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