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Remote mobile device management system for Aratek mobile devices


National ID

Voter Registration

SIM Card Registration

Border Control

Financial services


Configure, manage, and secure your Aratek mobile devices. Easily. Remotely.

Aratek Device Management System (TrustDMS) is the all-in-one platform that allows users to easily configure, manage, and secure Aratek mobile devices whether onsite or remotely.


Mobile devices have become indispensable tools in many applications like national ID, voter ID, SIM registration, border control, financial services, education, healthcare, and law enforcement. Yet managing these devices remotely and ensuring data security in real-time can be quite the challenge.


The Aratek TrustDMS platform provides a seamless and simplified mobile device management solution that helps organizations or companies easily deploy mobile devices and deliver services across wide geographical locations with greater efficiency and without compromising security.


What stands out?

Device Onboarding and Management

The layered channel management and easy-to-use interface give administrators unparalleled control and flexibility to quickly onboard mobile devices in large numbers and control the visibility access of each device, remotely. The Aratek TrustDMS enables administrators to easily push over-the-air (OTA) updates and perform an effortless back-end device management for comprehensive control and execution of operations related to hardware, software, APPs, and security of the device without any user intervention.

Device APP Management

The Aratek TrustDMS gives a panoramic view of the whole system -- installation, configuration, updating and versioning control of APPs for a specific device or across the board.

Device Tracking and Reports Collection

The Aratek TrustDMS remotely scans all registered mobile devices and generates reports to the end user and to the backend server, affording you a commanding real-time view of all your devices’ activities, updates, and errors encountered, and all filtered according to group and geographical area, including Heartbeat, Offline, Remote Operation, OTA, Diagnostic Report Templates and Map View, etc.

Real-time Security Management

The Aratek TrustDMS allows you to remotely monitor the mobile devices in real-time and access your devices to implement the following hardware security policies: Remote Device Lock/Unlock, Remote Device Wipe and Role-Based Access Controls. It also enables you to issue the following remote commands: Remote WIFI & APN Setting and Installation/Uninstallation APPs, etc. for enhancing the mobile security.

Remote Troubleshooting

It features real-time mobile device Diagnostic Application Report and remote deployment of troubleshooting procedures allowing you to fix any issue as they arise. It enables rapid troubleshooting to get devices back in working condition in no time, without the need for a physical visit.


How can it benefit to you?


Savings: Cut down operational costs with better maintenance.


Improve efficiency: Faster configuration & remotely deploy device policies without effort.


Increase security: Remotely secure your operating system without any delay.

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