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01. warranty service

Aratek extends warranty to its products against any defects in material and workmanship.

The standard warranty period is one year from the invoice date (Battery is 6 months). Additional warranty periods may be provided by Aratek’s distributors/partners. Please contact your distributors/partners for the local warranty period.

Return Material Authorization (RMA)


Contact authorized local distributors/partners

For RMA issues, please contact authorized local distributors/partners for service.


Contact Aratek directly

It is customers’ responsibility to ship back the products including the shipping cost (round trip), any applicable duties and service fees.

Please download and fill the RMA form

RMA Form Download
RMA Form Download

RMA conditions

RMA service is applicable ONLY in the country or region where Aratek products are purchased.

If users request RMA support outside of the countries or regions where Aratek products are purchased, authorized local distributors/partners may request additional service fees.

Scenarios are not included in warranty

Service fee is required for RMA Service.

  • Product is out of warranty
  • Damages caused by natural disasters of improper handling/operation
  • Damages caused by disassembling device or installing (additional) unofficial hardware or components
  • Damages caused by modifying software
  • No document of purchase and visible label with serial number
  • Damages caused by not following instructions on manual or false operation

Download our product datasheets.

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view downloads
03. FAQs

More question?

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How to buy the product?


Please fill up the form or contact our regional sales to buy the product.

What is the suitable solution for SIM registration (e-KYC)?


When SIM registration is proceeded on the computer in offices, Aratek USB fingerprint scanner can be integrated with the business application. When the SIM is registered in field by retailers, Aratek fingerprint mobile terminals can be the ideal choice.  We can offer 5" display handhelds or 7", 8" display tablets. All SIM registration procedures can be done on these Android based devices. Customers can also use Aratek MDM (mobile device management) system to configure, manage, and secure Aratek mobile devices whether onsite or remotely.

Do you provide software or SDK with hardware?


We provide SDK with the purchase of hardware.

What is your warranty service and return policy?


The standard warranty is 1 year for device and 6 months for for battery. For return policy please check our website here.

How to become your reseller or distributor?


Please send us email to us, we could discuss further.

How much is the price?


Product price may vary from quantity of your order. Please share with us your project information and status. Our regional sales with support you with quotation that best fits your requirements.

What is the suitable solution for beneficial distribution?


It depends on the requirements, but in our opinion, it would be our mobile terminals or A600 Scanner.

What is the function of SDK?


SDK is software development kit, you can take the function that you need from the SDK to integrate or create your own application. The function included fingerprint capture, enrollment, verification and identification.

Do you have representative? Where?


Yes, we have representative and partners around the world, please contact our sales for more details.

What is your best product?


Our products are all best in different environment and application, please share with us your application scenario, our regional sales will recommend the suitable one based on your requirements.

What is the suitable solution for micro-finance?


The A600 and A400 scanners with international certificates such as STQC allows micro-finance transactions being conducted seemlessly.  Standalone scanners or wide ranges of integrated EFT POS devices are available for various use scenarios.

How to get the SDK?


The regional sales usually provide the SDK with the purchase of the hardware, please contact your local distributor or regional sales if you don't have it.

What is the lead time?


For standard in-stock product, it will be delivered around 1 week for small volume. The volume order will take around 45 days for delivery after PO received. Please contact our sales for precise schedule planning.

What is the suitable solution for voter registration?


We provide the comprehensive solutions of hardware for various of voter registration requirements. There are many successful use cases around the world. Please contact our sales for more details.

Where can I download the driver?


Please contact your local distributor or regional sales.

Where is your company located at?


Our HQ and factory is located in Shenzhen/China, and multiple offices across globe, including Taiwan, India, Netherlands, Italy.

What is the suitable solution for access control?


Aratek TruFace solution grants your granular control over your security, allowing you to give access to specific areas according to user roles, times, and other access policy conditions. The TruFace access control solution combines Aratek TruFace facial recognition terminals and Aratek TruFace manager software into a complete solution to enable you to quickly configure any level of physical access control systems be it for individual locations or multi-site infrastructure. It supports multi-factor authentication for a higher level of access security and provides various authentication modes that can be used in combination including real-time facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, and contactless card sensing. Aratek TruFace access control system is a flexible and scalable solution tailored to your specific needs and your budget.

Do you have Web API supported product?


Yes. Some of our products supports Web Api.  Please ask to regional sales for more details.

Do you provide ODM/OEM Service?


Yes, based on some certain conditions, we do provide the professonal ODM/OEM support, please share more details about the application scenario, specification and requirements.

What is the suitable solution for attendance management?


It depends on the requirements, but in our opinion, it would be Marshall 8. Check out our case study for University (l’ISSEG) Attendance Management in Guinea.

Do you have SDK for Linux OS?


Yes. Our fingerprint scanner products have SDK for Linux.

How long does it take for samples to arrive to my country?


Express Courier door-to-door air shipment takes 3-8 business days, depends on where you are located.

What programming languages your SDK supports?


For Android SDK: Java

For Windows SDK: C/C++/C#, .NET

Which fingerprint minutiae formats do you support?


ISO/IEC 19794-2:2011, ANSI INCITS 378-2004, Aratek Bione

Which fingerprint image formats do you support?


BMP, WSQ, RAW, JPG2000, ISO/IEC 19794-4:2011, ANSI INCITS 381-2004


For any technical issue, you can fill the technical support form below.

or contact us at

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