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Financial Services

Many financial institutions have already tapped Aratek’s solutions for fast and secure transactions.

Financial Services
01. Challenges

Challenges for Financial Services

Strengthening security has become top priority in financial circles worldwide. Banks around the world are seeking measures to protect their customers’ funds and make financial services more secure. At the same time, there is a growing impetus to reach out to the 1.5 billion adults who lack access to formal financial services due to insufficiency of identification required to open a bank account. Many financial institutions still use traditional in-person KYC where customers present paper-based ID to a local branch and are given username/PIN to access their financial services. The challenge is to develop a system to replace such an outdated method which has been found to be inconvenient and a security risk.


Aratek solution for

Financial Services

Aratek draws from its vast experience in providing the easy-to-use and secure biometric authentication solutions for financial applications.

We Offer

advanced fingerprint modules, fingerprint scanners and biometric terminals to provide an additional security layer to different financial services the world over. We are also powering the inclusion of these unbanked people into the world of banking, retail, mobile payment, and micro-finance though biometric ID and strong authentication systems.

We Enable

banks to provide the mobile financial service and better financial Inclusion to customers who are located in areas without a local bank office. Also, From KYC management to ATM withdrawals, from mobile banking to POS transaction, Aratek has significantly improved banking efficiency and security through biometrics.

03. case study

Our successful implementation stories.

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