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India Aadhaar Program

Aratek enables authorities to conduct fast and easy Aadhaar verification in India.

India Aadhaar Program
01. Challenges

To effectively manage a country that has more than 1.3 billion people, many of whom are illiterate and with limited access to resources, the government of India has introduced Aahdaar, the national ID system on which a number of services are anchored. Presently, Aahdaar is most commonly used in time and attendance and subsidy distribution.

All government employees as well as students in state schools are required to use their Aahdaar for time and attendance (T&A). Government subsidy for the poor such as PDS (food security), Ujwala (natural gas), manrega (rural employment), fertilizer, and many others also rely on Aahdaar for efficient administration.

Aahdaar makes possible for the government to transfer money to intended recipients quickly, even those in rural villages. Roughly 70% of Indians live in remote areas and are dependent on cash subsidy, making authentication a top concern to ensure that the money goes to the right person.


Aratek solution for

India Aadhaar Program

To protect the process from fraud, Aratek's STQC-certified fingerprint module/scanner helps the government to conduct all Aahdaar transactions with security and efficiency.

We Offer

STQC-certified fingerprint scanner to provide the best value for money among the present crop of fingerprint scanners in the market. In addition to our certified fingerprint scanner, the biometric mobile terminals and POS equipped with our STQC-certified fingerprint module are used to implement Aahdaar-based programs in real time while improving the overall customer experience.

We Enable

authorities to conduct fast and easy Aadhaar verification even in remote areas where there is limited or no infrastructure.

03. case study

Our successful implementation stories.

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