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OEM Fingerprint Module

Aratek’s OEM fingerprint module sensor solution is spurring the development of numerous applications based on fingerprint identification.

OEM Fingerprint Module
01. Challenges

Challenges for OEM Fingerprint Module

Fingerprints are fast becoming an alternative or supplement to passwords and to other more traditional modes of authentication. Yet not just any fingerprint device will do, especially in e-government, banking, and healthcare which require highest standard in fingerprint image and the most accurate algorithm. Care must be taken in selecting devices, taking into consideration build quality, usability, and security.

Optical fingerprint imaging involves the measurement of the differences in reflection between the ridges and valleys on a fingerprint surface. While producing very high-resolution fingerprints, the method is not suited for use in compact systems as its optical path and other equipment such as prisms and lenses make the module bulkier.

In contrast, capacitive fingerprint imaging relies on measuring the differences in capacitance over a fingerprint surface. It’s more compact, making it the ideal choice for small devices such as smartphones, laptops, tablets. Capacitive sensors, however, are not known to be the most durable, which may prove to be a challenge when involving millions of presses.

Security-wise, it has been shown that fingerprints can be spoofed using artificial materials, posing a huge threat to governments, banks and institutions using fingerprint authentication. Moreover, during the actual enrollment or identification process, the fingerprint image is subject to environmental factors such as humidity, sunlight, and temperature for thermal sensing technology. The image quality is also determined by the conditions of the finger — which could either be wet, dry, worn, or scarred.


Aratek solution for

OEM Fingerprint Module

Aratek’s superior fingerprint technology is the product of more than 16 years of experience in the industry. It has already earned certifications from the most authoritative institutions in the world such as GA, STQC, FBI and its MINEX-III certified algorithm.

We Offer

a whole range of optical and capacitive fingerprint modules to help manufacturers find the best fit for their requirements — from FBI PIV, Appendix F and Mobile ID FAP 10, FAP 20, FAP 30, FAP 45 to FAP 60. Most notably, Aratek optical modules are some of the thinnest optical sensors available anywhere, making integration a snap. Aratek modules have also passed the STQC FRR (False Reject Rate) test using 5,000 subjects where its adaptability was cited for correctly identifying fingers smudged with paint.

Another key security feature of Aratek modules is LFD (Live Finger Detection) to ensure that fingerprint specimens are from live users. Aratek modules are also known for exceptional adaptability for different fingers and for different environments. Aratek modules come in small, medium & large sizes, making them easy to integrate into any system.

We Enable

our customers to easily develop their own tailored fingerprint recognition solutions and applications. Aratek is the undisputed leader in biometric identification and authentication solutions, our OEM fingerprint modules meet the needs for a wide range of applications such as National ID, voter registration and authentication, POS terminals, ATMs, access control and time attendance devices, among many others.

03. case study

Our successful implementation stories.

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