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Public Security

Aratek provides frontline officers everywhere with easy-to-use and reliable biometric identification and authentication tools.

Public Security
01. Challenges

Challenges for Public Security

Public security threats like crime, terrorism, radicalization and even infectious diseases have seen a dramatic surge in recent years, evolving into many different forms and posing even graver danger to populations. Continuing geopolitical tensions heighten the possibility of terror attacks in public spaces, taking a toll on the daily lives of ordinary citizens around the world. The ever-increasing volume of people crossing borders has made any public security threat, whether traditional or otherwise, more difficult to prevent. Now, more than ever, front liners such as police patrols and border and migration officers need powerful tools to counter these ongoing threats.


Aratek solution for

Public Security

Aratek’s biometric mobile solutions empower frontline officers and law enforcement agents like never before.

We Offer

biometric devices with fingerprint recognition, facial recognition, barcode scanning and identity card reading, enabling advanced multi-factor authentication that takes patrolling, refugee management and border control out of outdated paper-based checking and into real-time matching with the existing large-scale databases.

We Enable

front-liners a more reliable way to verify identity, allowing them to address any public security threat with complete confidence and authority. As a result of this boost in the delivery of security service, citizens feel safer and more secure.

03. case study

Our successful implementation stories.

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