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SIM Card Registration

Aratek’s SIM card registration solution adds a crucial layer of security in the fight against terror.

SIM Card Registration
01. Challenges

Challenges for SIM Card Registration

Despite its necessity, mobile phones remain to be the easiest and deadliest way for terrorists to detonate explosives remotely. To curb this deadly use of mobile telephony, a number of countries in Africa, the Middle East and South Asia have started requiring their citizens to register their KYC details like valid ID, photo and biometric data before activation of mobile phone SIM cards. The challenge is to create a SIM card registration and authentication system that is fast, secure, and seamless. The system should provide for a smooth and painless experience for legitimate customers while creating a strong deterrent to anyone engaging in crime or terrorism activities.


Aratek solution for

SIM Card Registration

With a single touch, Aratek biometrics mobile terminals allow telecom operators to quickly perform SIM card registrations, eliminating paperwork that delays the process. Our comprehensive hardware and software solutions have been key in helping the governments of Pakistan and Bangladesh implement effective SIM card registration protocols that have led to a significant reduction of terror threats.

We Offer

state-of-the-art fingerprint scanners, biometric mobile terminals and Device Management System (DMS) that solve the challenges of mandatory SIM registration while improving the customer experience.

We Enable

telcos to capture customer data and validate identity in real-time, as well as perform network authentication with centralized management and maintenance. Aratek fingerprint terminals are portable and rugged enough to be deployed in remote areas with low or zero infrastructure.

03. case study

Our successful implementation stories.

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