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10 Benefits of RFID Access Control Systems

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Dec 31, 2022
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Biometric Post
10 Benefits of RFID Access Control Systems

Whether you're a business owner or a security manager, you know how important it is to keep your building secure and track who enters and exits. RFID access control systems are one of the best ways to ensure the safety of your property in an age where there are always new ways to do so.

These systems offer many benefits, from increased convenience to maximum security, thanks to their adaptability and ability to track who enters and exits the building. Come with us as we explore the top ten benefits that RFID access control systems can provide for your business.

What is RFID?

So, before we dive into the benefits of RFID access systems, it's important to first understand what these technologies and systems are and how they work.

RFID or Radio-Frequency Identification technology is a technology that utilizes electromagnetic fields to identify and track "RFID tag" fastened onto materials swiftly and accurately. These tags include components such as a microchip and an antenna, which are used to transmit information about the object to which they are attached. The information that can be transmitted includes information such as unique identifiers, contact details, or location data, and can be read by specialized RFID readers.

RFID tags can be divided into categories based on their power source, including:

-Passive RFID tags, which are powered via radio waves transmitted by the access control system and require no battery, make them a cost-effective option for many businesses.

-Active RFID tags, which have a built-in battery and can continuously transmit data to the access control system, making them ideal for applications where RF signals might be interfered with or where a robust reading range is required.

Examples of these RFID tags and chips can be found in credit cards, passports, business cards, and access control cards – among many more!

What is an RFID access control system?

RFID access control is a type of access control system that uses RFID tags to identify and track access to physical locations, including buildings, elevators, parking lots, or even vehicles. An access control RFID system is typically composed of a reader, antenna, access cards or fobs, and software that can be used to manage access rights and access logs.

RFID technology can revolutionize access control systems, allowing you to use radio waves emitted by specially programmed cards or key fobs for automated entry and identification. For example, an employee's card could be designed to grant them access to your office building - and certain areas within it - with the help of a secure radio signal. The same technology will also identify who is entering when they used their credentials. With RFID incorporated into your access control system, ensuring safe environments becomes easier than ever before!

The key components of an RFID access control system are:

-RFID access cards or fobs:

which contain the RFID tags and transmit information about the user to the access control system. These access cards or key fobs are typically made from durable plastics, and often include security features such as holographic stickers or foil inlays to prevent tampering.

-RFID readers:

which are installed in access points around a building or property and use radio frequency signals to receive access card information and transmit it to the access control system. An RFID reader have the ability to work independently or be integrated with other access control devices, such as facial recognition access control terminals and access control keypads, to create a comprehensive security system.

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-Access control software:

which is used to manage access rights for users of an access control RFID system and store access logs within the access control database. This software can also be used to customize access rights for users, as well as generate access reports that can be used to identify access trends.

-Control panels:

which are used to connect the RFID reader and access cards or fobs to the access control system, and can also be used in conjunction with access control software to provide additional access management features.

-An access control database:

which is used to store access logs and access rights information. This database can either be hosted on-site or in the cloud, depending on the access control system used.

RFID technology can revolutionize access control systems, allowing you to use radio waves emitted by specially programmed cards or fobs for automated entry and identification. For example, an employee's card could be designed to grant them access to your office building - and certain areas within it - with the help of a secure radio signal. The same technology will also identify who is entering when they used their credentials. With RFID incorporated into your access control system, ensuring safe environments becomes easier than ever before!

10 Benefits of RFID access control

When deciding on an access control system for your business, RFID offers a number of benefits over traditional access control methods. Some of the key advantages include:

1) Convenience:

The convenience of RFID access control systems is unparalleled due to their contactless nature, eliminating the need for manual entry or clunky keys and codes. Not only that, but managing staff members has never been easier; permissions can be adjusted in no time, and logs are created automatically! With this convenience comes the ability to quickly monitor and track employee activity.

-Convenient Mobile access

Also, with RFID in combination with mobile access, you can unlock your premises and review access logs right from the convenience of your phone, tablet, or even watch. All it takes is tapping on a compatible reader to effortlessly pass through any entryway while leaving bulky cards or fobs behind. It's amazing how quickly an app can deliver maximum accessibility as well as make necessary updates remotely!

-Easy visitor management

Additionally, thanks to the RFID access control solution, you can easily provide your guests and visitors with credentials such as RFID cards or mobile credentials. This allows them to access the appropriate areas of your facility securely, while also maintaining strict access controls for your employees. Overall, this helps ensure that your guests are always able to access your facility conveniently and securely.

2) Cost-effective:

Investing in RFID security systems are a smart move for businesses, as it can save them money over time. Not only are the key cards and fobs significantly more affordable than other available options, but they can also be easily reprogrammed and reconfigured. Moreover, its user-friendly nature prevents costly disruptions that would otherwise occur due to technical or authorization issues - making it a cost-effective access control system for companies of all sizes!

3) Easy integration:

With its seamless compatibility with other security and surveillance technologies such as CCTV, RFID access control systems provide a comprehensive solution for both internal and external monitoring. This ensures improved access security while minimizing the potential of unauthorized incidents or breaches. Moreover, these systems can be used in tandem with time attendance software to track employees' working hours in real time for enhanced management effectiveness.

4) Increased efficiency:

In comparison to its predecessors, RFID access control systems are not only much faster and more convenient but also help streamline your overall management operations. With automated permissions and read access logs you can easily identify trends in the data that would allow you to make informed decisions about who gets what kind of privilege when it comes to entering or exiting a building. In short, utilizing an RFID security system will ease up entry/exit processes while simultaneously increasing efficiency!

5) Robust and durable:

RFID tags are not only more reliable and resilient than other access control technologies, but they also maintain their integrity even in the most extreme environmental conditions. Additionally, RFID tags possess fewer chances of failure or breakage when compared to conventional access credentials for greater peace of mind within your facility.

6) Increased access security:

RFID access control systems are renowned for their security benefits and ability to reduce access-related incidents or breaches. With real-time data on who has access to a building, as well as enhanced monitoring capabilities, your team is thoroughly guarded against the potential of uninvited guests or unwanted activity in your facility. This ensures that you can trust in the protection of your staff, visitors, property, and assets at all times! By incorporating access management software with other systems such as time and attendance, video surveillance technology, or any others you may use, your business will have a heightened sense of security. This is because it can quickly detect access-related incidents and solve them immediately!

-Multi-factor authentication capabilities

Furthermore, with RFID door access control can enhance multi-factor authentication capabilities, allowing businesses to guarantee that only those who are allowed in will be able to gain access; this is accomplished by combining access control credentials such as biometrics and passwords. This additional layer of security acts as an effective barrier against potential breaches, providing peace of mind while preventing unauthorized entry into the premises!

7) Scalability:

An RFID door lock system offer great scalability to expand or restrict user permission as required. Furthermore, their modular nature makes it possible to add or remove an access door without causing any disruptions in other users' access rights via a dedicated access control management platform.

8) Flexibility:

By relying on RFID access control technology, you can take advantage of the same privileges and permissions regardless of where you are: your workplace, home, or even while out with a mobile device. This flexibility not only makes it more convenient for yourself but also for staff members too. An RFID access system is highly adaptable to suit any purpose - granting keyless entry into diverse areas of properties such as buildings and elevators with just a few taps!

9) Improved employee productivity:

An RFID access system can drastically reduce the amount of time and disruption related to managing your employees' workday. With automatic storage of activity logs, as well as the easy ability to update their privileges, you save essential hours that could otherwise be spent dealing with mundane tasks; allowing them instead to focus on more important matters and thus improve productivity across your organization.

Also, RFID access control systems deliver mobile and contactless accessibility that allows workers to tap and enter their workspace easily, whether it is on a construction site, warehouse, or any other distant workplace. This cuts down the lengthy authorization process, allowing your employees to reach work faster with improved productivity and job satisfaction!

10) Versatility:

Last but not least, RFID systems are incredibly versatile and can be adapted to suit your specific needs. They are available in a range of access technologies, including keycard access, biometric access control systems, and mobile access. Furthermore, you can combine with various other access management tools such as time and attendance software, video surveillance systems, and more to provide a fully integrated access management solution.

Amazing! Now that you've read all of the incredible benefits, here's one more surprise for you:

11) Competitive advantages in the marketplace:

An RFID access control system can provide your company with not only unparalleled security but also a competitive advantage in the market. You can safeguard critical data, assets, and confidential materials while also providing convenience to your employees. This combination of security and efficiency can help you stand out from your industry's competition, allowing you to attract and retain top talent as well as customers.

Additionally, if you are a system integrator or a security product distributor, RFID-enabled access control systems can provide you with a valuable offering to offer potential clients. Access control systems that use RFID technology can be a powerful solution for businesses of all sizes due to their flexibility, scalability, and customization options, making you a sought-after partner in the access control market.


Are you looking to improve your access security system? RFID technology is the ideal solution for you. It provides numerous benefits for businesses of all sizes and types, ranging from improved protection and security to flexibility and versatility. So, why not make the switch now and enjoy everything that this cutting-edge technology has to offer? Contact your local access control provider or our team at Aratek today to learn more about how you can benefit from making this investment.


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