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Aratek fingerprint scanners now FBI and STQC Certified

Aug 1, 2019
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Aratek fingerprint scanners now FBI and STQC Certified

Aratek, a leader in biometric technology, received STQC certification for two fingerprint scanners, further strengthening the company's foothold in the Indian market after it gained FBI certification for its fingerprint scanners last year.

The Perfect Fingerprint Scanners for Aadhaar Services

The Aratek A400 capacitive fingerprint scanner and A600 optical fingerprint scanner have successfully passed rigorous tests of the STQC, India’s quality assurance and conformity assessment body. “We are pleased that our top-of-the-line fingerprint scanners have met the strictest standards of the FBI and the Indian government as well,”  said Samuel Wu, Aratek’s VP for Sales, International Business Dept. “These certifications strongly position us to help the UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) implement Aadhaar more easily and conveniently, resulting in better service to the Indian people,” Wu added.  

Aadhaar, the country’s 12-digit ID system used to deliver a range of services, is heavily-reliant on biometric identification and authentication technologies. As part of its rigorous procurement process, the UIDAI requires an STQC certification, which provides confidence to the user of the certified biometric devices that such are reliable, safe, secure.  

Currently, STQC certifications cover fingerprint image scanners, Iris camera for enrollment and authentication devices.  “The undertaking to register more than 1 billion Indian citizens into Aadhaar is staggering in scope and magnitude. It is a challenge that Aratek is very much ready, willing and able to accept,” Wu said.  Wu added that the FBI and STQC certifications have opened exciting opportunities where Aratek’s fingerprint biometric technology may be applied to directly help the Indian people.

Ahead of the STQC certification, the A400 and the A600 scanners have both also secured the FBI PIV Mobile ID FAP 10 and FAP 20 certifications respectively, which guarantee superior image quality, usability of output, and interoperability.  Both scanners are equipped with advanced technology that allows accurate capture of all types of fingerprints — dry, moist, or rough, making them ideal for a wide number of applications across different industries such as national ID, law enforcement, border security, finance, health care, and hospitality.

About Aratek

Aratek is a global leader in the biometrics and securities industry. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective products and tailored solutions. We enable governments, educational institutions, banks, and many other industries to become increasingly efficient. With our sophisticated end-to-end product portfolio ranging from fingerprint modules, fingerprint scanners, biometric mobile terminals to facial recognition terminals, Aratek is here to provide real-world solutions to real-world problems.


A Guide to Biometric Fingerprint Scanner with Aratek

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A Guide to Biometric Fingerprint Scanner with Aratek

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