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Aratek Gears Up for ID4Africa 2024, Advocates for Enhanced Digital ID Solutions

May 7, 2024
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Aratek Gears Up for ID4Africa 2024, Advocates for Enhanced Digital ID Solutions

Aratek, a global leader in biometric technology, is excited to announce its participation in the prestigious ID4Africa 2024, taking place from May 21-23 at the Cape Town International Convention Centre 2, Booth #D12. This year’s event, under the theme "Strengthening Identity Ecosystems," aligns perfectly with Aratek’s mission to bolster digital identities across the continent.

Enhanced Usability for Field Applications: Introducing the Marshall Series

Aratek’s presentation at ID4Africa 2024 will center on its enhanced Marshall series of biometric handheld terminals, designed for superior performance in various identification and verification contexts. Leading the lineup is the Marshall 8 Plus biometric tablet, now equipped with the FBI Appendix F, Mobile ID FAP 60 certified Aratek A910 fingerprint scanner. This upgrade marks a significant advancement in biometric technology, enhancing the tablet’s capability for high-accuracy data capture essential for reliable digital identity registration and verification.

Scan four finger slap on the Aratek Marshall 8 Plus biometric tablet.
Scan four finger slap on the Aratek Marshall 8 Plus biometric tablet

Joining the Marshall 8 Plus are the Marshall 8 biometric tablet and Marshall 5 biometric handheld terminal. The newly launched Marshall 8 features a larger 8-inch display and expanded memory, optimized for increased usability and productivity in field operations. Meanwhile, the compact Marshall 5 integrates multiple biometric modalities into a portable format, perfect for dynamic mobile identification needs.

"Introducing these enhancements to the Marshall series at ID4Africa reflects our commitment to providing cutting-edge technology that meets the rigorous needs of field applications across the continent," stated Samuel Wu, Vice President of Aratek’s International Business Division. "These devices are not just tools, but gateways to secure and accessible digital identities, crucial for socio-economic development."

Aratek Fingerprint Scanners: Legacy and Innovation Combined for Digital ID Projects

Aratek will also showcase its extensive range of fingerprint scanners, including the single and dual fingerprint scanners from FBI FAP 20 to FAP 45 certification—the Aratek A600, A700, and A800—and the FAP 60 4-4-2 live-scan fingerprint reader, the Aratek A900.

Aratek FAP 45 dual fingerprint scanner (A800) and the FAP 60 4-4-2 live scan fingerprint scanner (A900)
Aratek FBI FAP 45 and FAP 60 fingerprint scanners

Not only are these scanners renowned for their FBI certifications, Live Finger Detection technology, and MINEX III-compliant algorithms, but their MOSIP compliance also optimizes them for digital identity projects. This ensures that Aratek’s scanners are ideally suited for national ID programs, voter registration systems, and other critical applications, providing secure and efficient operations in any setting.

Enhancing Access and Security: The Aratek TruFace System

The Aratek TruFace biometric access control system will also be featured, representing a key solution for enhancing physical security and operational efficiency through facial recognition technology. This integrated system is designed for high-performance access control, visitor management, and attendance tracking, showcasing Aratek’s commitment to comprehensive security solutions.

Empowering Africa with Secure Digital Identity Solutions

"The lack of proper identity has historically locked many out of essential services," said Wu. "With each biometric innovation, we move closer to integrating everyone into the digital age, ensuring access to everything from financial services to government assistance, thus fostering greater societal inclusion and economic development."

Enhancing Public Service Efficiency in Osun State, Nigeria
Enhancing Public Service Efficiency in Osun State, Nigeria

ID4Africa is a critical platform for dialogue and knowledge exchange, helping to shape the future of identity management on the continent. As the event celebrates its tenth year, Aratek is proud to be at the forefront of this transformation, providing the technologies that empower nations and enhance lives across Africa.

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Aratek A910 FBI FAP 60 Fingerprint Scanner Now Standard in Marshall 8 Plus Biometric Tablet

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Aratek A910 FBI FAP 60 Fingerprint Scanner Now Standard in Marshall 8 Plus Biometric Tablet

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