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Aratek introduces powerful multi-factor biometric handheld tablet

Apr 23, 2020
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Aratek introduces powerful multi-factor biometric handheld tablet

Aratek has formally launched the BM7550 terminal, a portable, powerful multi-factor biometric tablet which integrates facial recognition, fingerprint sensing and contactless NFC card reader in one complete package.

The portable & powerful biometric tablet for multi-factor authentication

“The BM7550 squarely addresses the demands for increasingly sophisticated identification and authentication solutions with its industry-leading multi-biometric and multi-factor authentication features,” said Samuel Wu, Aratek’s vice president for International Business Division.“By integrating facial recognition, fingerprint sensor and contactless NFC in a single solution, the BM7550 biometric mobile terminal gives unparalleled security, accuracy and reliability,” Wu added.


The BM7550 biometric tablet is powered by Aratek’s patented mobile biometric technology, the face recognition algorithm, which boasts a recognition rate of 99.72% in the LFW face database. In addition, it features a 2MP dual HDR camera, which gives high-quality facial image capture in all lighting conditions, whether in a dark room or in the bright outdoors. The BM7550 uses a durable optical fingerprint sensor that is fully compliant with FBI FAP20, STQC, ISO19794-2, ANSI-378 and WSQ standards. It also supports live detection to ensure liveness and user presence, thereby thwarting fraud.

The BM7550 is equipped with USB Type-A, Micro USB (OTG), RJ45 LAN, WIFI and Bluetooth, etc., which supports both wired and wireless connectivity for the ultimate convenience in reliable data transfer. The power supply for the BM7550 is also versatile. It comes with a removable ultra long-lasting 6000mAh battery (optional 10000mAh battery) which enabling long offsite work without the need to frequently top up the charge, and this powerful terminal can be charging with a built-in DC charging port as well. The BM7550 also has the GPS chip embedded in it to enable the accurate tracking of the device’s location, as well as auto-record and playback of traveled route for better management.

The perfect biometric device for mobile identification and authentication

With great reliability and mobility, the mobile biometric device: BM7550 is well-suited for a great number of applications including time and attendance monitoring, homeland security, law enforcement, voter verification, healthcare, etc. “Aratek’s relentless pursuit of innovation is making possible the development of products such as the BM7550 which are addressing emergent needs in the market. Expect us to continue coming up with biometric identification and authentication solutions that really make a difference,” Wu said.

About Aratek

Aratek is a global leader in the biometrics and securities industry. Since 2004, we have been helping millions around the world manage their digital identity requirements with our innovative biometric products and tailored solutions. We also enable governments, educational institutions, banks, and many other industries to become increasingly efficient. With our sophisticated end-to-end product portfolio ranging from fingerprint modules, fingerprint scanners, biometric mobile terminals to facial recognition terminals, Aratek is here to provide real-world solutions to real-world problems.


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An Overview of Mobile Biometrics: Techniques and Applications

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