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01. about us

Aratek biometric solutions streamlines identity management for millions

Since 2004, Aratek Biometrics has been helping organizations worldwide get reliable and secure digital identity without the fuss. 

Governments. Banks. Schools. Countless customers have experienced how Aratek’s biometrics technology can help them become more efficient. 

19 Years

of solid experience in biometrics technology.

300+ Projects

to meet every biometric need.

02. our products

Aratek biometrics products, smart and innovative.

Check out our full line of handheld biometric terminals, biometric tablets, smart facial recognition terminals and kiosks.

We have a wide range of fingerprint scanners — single finger, dual finger and 4-4-2 live-scan fingerprint reader models for all your digital identity and authentication requirements.

Aratek gives you a wide selection of fingerprint sensors/modules for fast and painless system integration with PC, tablets, POS terminal and kiosks and more.

Accuracy and Security. The turnkey solution for easy enrollment and authentication.

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03. why aratek

With Aratek, you have...


Experienced & Trusted Partner

Over one million biometric solutions and devices have been deployed worldwide based on our fast product development and mass-volume manufacturing capability.


Innovative Products

Whether it's fingerprint scanners, facial recognition terminals or biometric access control systems, our innovative products can take your security to the next level.


Professional Service

The Aratek team is ever ready to come up with solutions for our partners. With a dedicated team of biometrics experts supporting customers every step of the way, overcoming digital identity challenges is never a problem.

04. featured case study

Our successful implementation stories.

05. news

Explore Aratek latest news and insights.

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06. get in touch

Let’s talk! We have a perfect biometric solution for your industry.

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