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Civil ID

Aratek’s advanced biometric solutions are currently serving as the backbone of some of the best Civil ID systems around the world.

Civil ID
01. Challenges

Challenges for Civil ID Programs

Maintaining an accurate, reliable and secure system of national citizen identification is a formidable task, especially with large populations. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) has emerged in recent times to be one indispensable requirement of such a system.

In fact, most governments have started requiring MFA in rolling out services to citizens. In India, biometric authentication is paired with ID card numbers, resulting in strong authentication. In similar fashion, many election commissions around the world have started to adopt MFA with biometrics authentication to ensure polls are fraud-free and efficient.

To increase adoption of such biometric ID programs, governments have also started requiring their providers to demonstrate strong capabilities in processing large-scale enrollment with extended coverage, especially in rural areas with very little infrastructure.


Aratek solution for

Civil ID

Aratek’s technology has been helping governments around the world ramp up the credibility of their civil ID programs. Moreover, our solutions are allowing governments to expand their services beyond traditional channels, leading to improved efficiency and increased citizen-satisfaction.

We Offer

a full range of mobile biometric solutions, including customized mobile biometric terminals from handheld to tablet and bespoke software specifically tailored to meet the varying requirements of civil ID programs.

We Enable

governments to securely manage large-scale enrollment and implement multi-factor authentication of civil identities to prevent fraud. Our solutions also provide an environment of inclusion where every citizen can be given access to government services even in the most remote areas.

03. case study

Our successful implementation stories.

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