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Access Control

Secure your business with Aratek's powerful biometric access control solution. Enjoy improved security and peace of mind, knowing that your most valuable assets are protected.

Access Control
01. Challenges

Challenges for Access Control

Security is no easy feat nowadays, it's a true test of your mettle. Physical access control can feel like an insurmountable task when you factor in the need to protect data and ensure compliance among industries. It becomes even more layered and complex when considering employee safety - just like the proverbial iceberg with its hidden depths!


Aratek solution for

Access Control

Aratek's biometric access control solution constitutes the optimal setup for your physical security processes. Whether you are a business proprietor or residential property manager, our customized solutions are tailored to supply you with the maximum level of effectiveness and efficiency. With unequaled security features, you can simply rest easy as our expert hardware and software keeps your efforts on the cutting edge of safety technology.

We Offer

Aratek offers a powerful biometric access control solution called TruFace. The Aratek TruFace solution is an easy-to-use powerhouse that combines combines high-quality biometric facial recognition hardware with a powerful access control management software. Aratek's TruFace system eliminates the need for extensive training or complicated setup, resulting in a foolproof biometric entry system right out of the box.

We Enable

Aratek enables you and your employees to access the secured points without carrying any physical keys or fobs, just by using your face.

Real-time Access Control:

Aratek's TruFace biometric access control system grants your granular control over your security, allowing you to give access to specific areas according to user roles, times, and other access policy conditions. It enables you to quickly configure any level of physical access control system be it for individual locations or multi-site infrastructure.

Door access control with facial recognition

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03. case study

Our successful implementation stories.

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