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Aratek captures MOSIP compliance and targets more national ID projects

Feb 14, 2023
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Aratek captures MOSIP compliance and targets more national ID projects

Biometric digital identity leader Aratek recently notched up another win as its best-selling A400 and A600 fingerprint scanners acquired MOSIP compliance following an exacting and exhaustive compliance program.


Aratek empowers national ID programs worldwide with MOSIP compliance

MOSIP (Modular Open-Source Identity Platform) is an open-source platform that is serving as the technical framework for a number of digital identity ecosystems.


"Aratek securing MOSIP compliance solidifies its position as a leading provider for foundational ID programs around the world," said Samuel Wu, the company’s VP for International Business Development.

Aratek A600 optical fingerprint scanner is certified with FBI PIV, Mobile ID FAP 20, STQC, and MOSIP.
Aratek A600 optical fingerprint scanner is certified with FBI PIV, Mobile ID FAP 20, STQC, and MOSIP.


The A400 and A600 fingerprint scanners and fingerprint sensor modules are equipped with advanced sensing technologies that accurately capture all types of fingerprints—dry, moist, or rough, making them ideal for national ID programs as well as a wide number of applications across different industries such as finance, health care, and hospitality.


This MOSIP compliance certification certifies that the A400 and A600 have met a set of rigorous standards for digital identity management, assuring program implementors of their reliability, interoperability, and security.


MOSIP strictly requires products to meet certain technical standards for interoperability, which enables seamless integration with other systems and reduces the risk of compatibility issues.


Additionally, MOSIP standards and guidelines are designed to protect the privacy and security of digital identity information, meaning that MOSIP-compliant products can be relied on to protect sensitive information and greatly reduce the risk of data breaches.

Aratek joins MOSIP partner network for providing secure digital identity

"For Aratek, becoming a MOSIP partner opens new doors to a vast market of customers and partners that want top-tier secure and interoperable digital identity solutions," Wu added.


The MOSIP platform was initially developed to serve the Indian market’s demanding requirements for digital identity and has rapidly gained the interest of other countries and regions as well. The framework is designed to be easily customizable and adaptable to varied countries and regions and is evolving to be more widely available to support the explosion of growth in digital identity ecosystems globally.

Already, MOSIP is currently being used by Sri Lanka, Morocco, the Philippines, Guinea, Ethiopia, and the Togolese Republic to provide digital identities to their citizens, with Sierra Leone, Uganda, Nigeria, Samoa, and Tunisia being some of the other countries expected to enter the fold soon. Thus far, some 71 million citizens in the Philippines have already been registered using MOSIP.


Ahead of MOSIP compliance, the Aratek A400 and A600 have also secured STCQ certification and the FBI PIV Mobile ID certification, which guarantee superior image quality, usability of output, and interoperability.

Aratek A400 capacitive fingerprint scanner certified with FBI PIV Mobile ID FAP 10-STQC UIDAI-MOSIP
Aratek A400 capacitive fingerprint scanner is certified with FBI PIV, Mobile ID FAP 10, STQC, and MOSIP.


About Aratek

Aratek is a global leader in the biometrics and security industries. For over 20 years, we've been providing cutting-edge biometric products tailored to the needs of governments, schools, banks, and a variety of other institutions in becoming more secure and efficient. From state-of-the-art fingerprint scanners and facial recognition access control devices, all the way up to robust physical security systems and biometric software - Aratek will have you covered when it comes to tackling your toughest challenges!


Aratek fingerprint scanners now FBI and STQC Certified

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Aratek fingerprint scanners now FBI and STQC Certified

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