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Aratek’s new biometric tablet and top digital ID solutions slated for IDENTITY WEEK Europe 2023

May 30, 2023
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Aratek’s new biometric tablet and top digital ID solutions slated for IDENTITY WEEK Europe 2023

Aratek makes its way to Amsterdam for the 2023 Identity Week Europe to showcase the Marshall 8 Plus, its latest top-of-the-line biometric tablet targeted at helping governments, financial institutions, and other organizations roll out large-scale digital ID enrollment and verification initiatives.

Empowering e-ID Services: Aratek's Marshall 8 Plus at the Forefront of Digital Identity Solutions

“The revolution in digital ID is retooling governments and empowering them to implement programs that unlock access to critical services, promote financial inclusion, and uplift the quality of lives everywhere,” noted Samuel Wu, vice president for the company’s international business unit.

“The Marshall 8 Plus intends to be at the front and center of the action,” Wu added.


The sturdy Marshall 8 Plus is an 8-inch biometric tablet designed for secure ID enrollment and authentication in large-scale digital ID initiatives. The powerful device features a 4-4-2 fingerprint sensor, along with cutting-edge facial and iris recognition capabilities, ensuring unparalleled biometric identity registration and authentication performance.

It features integrated NFC and smart card readers, barcode scanning, and an MRZ passport reader, which collectively streamline identity data collection and verification processes. Furthermore, it incorporates PSAM card technology, which uniquely offers an additional layer of security for sensitive data transmission and storage.

With an IP65 rating, it can withstand the most demanding conditions, and is ideal for initiatives such as national ID, voter registration, social welfare distribution, mobile border control, law enforcement, e-Passport & VISA, finance & banking, among others.

Leading the Charge in Large-scale eID Initiatives with Aratek's Complete Biometric Product Line

Aratek is also all set to demo its best-selling line of fingerprint scanners and fingerprint modules from FBI FAP 10 to FAP 60, with every model delivering topnotch image quality for digital ID applications of any scale.

The company is also bringing its TruFace Biometric Access Control and Attendance Management Solution, composed of the BA8300 facial recognition terminal and the TruFace biometric access control software. The solution makes it a cinch to control access and track attendance. 

Legacy biometric mobile ID devices that make digital identity in the field simple and straightforward, such as the Marshall 5, Marshall 8, BM5520, and BM7550, will also see action at the Aratek booth.

Also available for a full demo at the booth is TrustIVS, an AI-Powered Intelligent Video Surveillance Solution that transforms existing security cameras into smart guards with situational awareness, real-time video analytics, instant detection, real-time alerts, and smart search capabilities.

“Being part of this great marketplace of ideas which propel the industry forward is why Aratek never misses IDENTITY WEEK,” Wu said.  

IDENTITY WEEK is a conference and exhibition that gathers the top professionals in the identity sector to promote innovation, new thinking, and more effective identity solutions. It runs on June 13 and 14 2023 at the RAI Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam. Visitors are invited to drop by the Aratek Booth at #288.

About Aratek

Aratek is a global leader in the biometrics and security industries. For over 20 years, we've been providing cutting-edge biometric products and solutions tailored to the needs of governments, schools, banks, and a variety of other institutions looking to become more secure and efficient. From advanced fingerprint scanners, biometric mobile terminals, and facial recognition access control devices to robust physical security systems and biometric software, Aratek has you covered when it comes to tackling your toughest challenges!


Aratek introduces the Marshall 8 Plus biometric tablet to serve the building of digital ID ecosystems

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Aratek introduces the Marshall 8 Plus biometric tablet to serve the building of digital ID ecosystems

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