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Aratek introduces the Marshall 8 Plus biometric tablet to serve the building of digital ID ecosystems

May 23, 2023
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Aratek introduces the Marshall 8 Plus biometric tablet to serve the building of digital ID ecosystems

Aratek recently launched the Marshall 8 Plus biometric enrolment tablet targeted squarely at helping governments and institutions build digital ID ecosystems for socio-economic development programs.

Your Essential Partner for Mobile ID Management

Touted as the ultimate ten-print biometric enrollment tablet that packs versatility, reliability, ruggedness, and security in one device, the heavy-duty Marshall 8 Plus packs powerful features to enable governments, financial institutions, and other organizations to roll out mobile ID enrollment and verification implementations in the field. 


Advanced Multi-Modal Biometrics with Facial, Iris and Fingerprint Recognition


The Marshall 8 Plus ups the ante with top-of-the-line features such as a 4-4-2 fingerprint sensor that delivers the highest-quality ten fingerprint image captures every time.

The device is also outfitted with facial and iris recognition technologies, giving the Marshall 8 Plus multi-modal biometrics capabilities so prized for civil registration and authentication, as well as many other field-based digital ID applications.

NFC, Smart Card, Barcode, and MRZ Reading for Rapid, Accurate ID Document Data Acquisition


The Marshall 8 Plus also comes with a native NFC reader for fast and accurate verification of many types of identification documents. A smart card reader makes the device even more versatile, ensuring swift and reliable ID acquisition and verification.


The advanced biometric tablet streamlines the verification process with its powerful barcode scanner that can rapidly scan and process a variety of codes for quick and painless identification or payment processing.


The Marshall 8 Plus has a built-in reader that can extract MRZ information quickly and accurately, making it a crucial tool for mobile border control, travel, and ticketing systems. 


Built for the Field: Unwavering Performance in Every Environment

Boasting a IP65 rating that makes it resistant to dust and water, the rugged Marshall 8 Plus is engineered to withstand the harshest conditions, and to deliver unwavering performance in every possible environment.‍


The Marshall 8 Plus is designed with users on top of mind and features a comfortable hand strap holder and ergonomic design for hassle-free operation in any environment. Its intuitive interface enables effortless identity enrollment and management on the fly.


Aratek Paves the Way for Field-Based Mobile ID Applications with the Marshall 8 Plus

“We expect the Marshall 8 Plus to be the biometric tablet of choice in the massive efforts to develop biometric digital ID ecosystems around the world as part of the grand goal of bridging socio-economic gaps globally, especially in Africa and other developing regions,” noted Samuel Wu, vice president for Aratek’s international business division.


Packed with premium features that set it apart in versatility, reliability, security, and ruggedness, the Marshall 8 Plus is the perfect biometric solution for wide ranging mobile ID applications including national ID, voter registration, border control, law enforcement, finance & banking, healthcare, visa application, and more.

About Aratek

Aratek is a global leader in the biometrics and security industries. For over 20 years, we've been providing cutting-edge biometric products tailored to the needs of governments, schools, banks, and a variety of other institutions in becoming more secure and efficient. From state-of-the-art fingerprint scanners and facial recognition access control devices, all the way up to robust physical security systems and biometric softwares - Aratek will have you covered when it comes to tackling your toughest challenges!


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