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Aratek releases do-all TruFace solution for biometric access control and attendance

Aug 30, 2022
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Aratek releases do-all TruFace solution for biometric access control and attendance

Aratek recently announced the launch of Aratek TruFace biometric access control solution, the company’s total solution for biometric access control and attendance management.

Aratek TruFace Solution is Designed to Greatly Improve Access Security While Increase Workforce Efficiency

“We took advantage of the logical association between access control and attendance management to develop Aratek TruFace, a solution that does both jobs excellently, plus a whole lot more,” said Samuel Wu, Aratek’s VP for International Business Division.

“The big benefit of Aratek TruFace solution is that it maximizes physical access control of your buildings while increasing workforce efficiency, all in a single do-all system,” Wu noted.

Aratek TruFace solution works by integrating top-shelf biometric facial recognition hardware such as the Aratek BA8300 and BD8500 terminals with the powerful proprietary TruFace manager software into a full-featured workhorse of a system that’s simple to use.

The hardware component of the solution uses the best-selling Aratek BA8300 facial recognition terminal,  which all support user enrollment and management, access control rules setting, body temperature detection, mask detection and visitor management, aside from other functionalities.

The proprietary software platform gives admins full control over user enrollment and management, device management, device diagnostics, access control management, time & attendance tracking. It also allows access to an overview dashboard for visual reporting, analysis, and more.

The mobile app for Android and IOS mobile phone supports remote control functions and enables employees to remotely manage their attendance such as punch in/out, applying for leaves, generating attendance reports, among other functionalities.

“Access control and time attendance management work like hand in glove, and Aratek TruFace solution unlocks all these efficiencies for you,” said Wu.

Multi-factor Authentication for Robust and Strategic Access Control

The Aratek TruFace solution supports multi-factor authentication like face-enforced biometric identification, fingerprint recognition and RFID card reading, the multiple modalities ensuring increased security and maximum usability across many applications.

Used for access control, Aratek TruFace solution allows admins to set access policies and authentication methods for users, manage visitors/strangers and create whitelists & blacklists, monitor potentially suspicious activities. It also generates overview reports of all access events.

The Aratek Truface biometric access control solution is an effective way to fortify facilities as it bars entry to people on a blacklist. In addition the solution can also prevent unwanted presence by setting access levels according to respective work schedules, denying entry to off-duty personnel for example.

The system allows admins to configure integrated physical access control systems easily and remotely - be it on a single facility or a multi-site system, providing a flexible and scalable access control solution tailored to specific needs and budgets.

Complete Features for Effective Employee Attendance Management

For effective time & attendance management, Aratek TruFace solution allows admins to set attendance policies customization, absences management, business trip management, and real-time overview of attendance report.

TruFace mobile app for mobile devices allows employees to effortlessly punch in/out, also request, approve, and grant time off.

Aratek TruFace Provides a Powerful Biometric Access and Attendance Solution to A Variety of Industries

“Aratek TruFace provides a painless biometric access control and attendance tracking solution that anyone can use almost out of the box – without need for lengthy training or complicated set-up so you can enjoy better security and efficiency in no time,” Wu noted.

The TruFace solution is being marketed for a host of applications including government, education, healthcare, business, law enforcement, retail, hospitality, among others.

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